Damian Johnson

Damian Johnson is a familiar face and voice of football on BBC Television. He has covered the English Premier League since its formation in 1992 reporting on title triumphs for Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea and Arsenal. He has reported from three World Cup tournaments, three European Championships and six Africa Cup of Nations tournaments.

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Latest News

So long, Claudio

We are unlikely to see Claudio Ranieri back in the English game after his sacking by Premier League champions Leicester City. His hunger for football success has surely been satisfied. A permanent memorial to his remarkable achievements in the East Midlands is already being discussed.

A whole new ball game in the MLS

The mercury lingered close to ninety degrees Fahrenheit despite the onset of evening. Bolts of lightning flickered across the sky. The freakish weather conditions suggested this was not going to be like any club football match I had ever been to. I had decided to forsake the delights of Downtown Disney for Orlando’s slightly grimier suburbs for a taste of the MLS. The idea was to gain an insight into what lies ahead for Steven Gerrard, Frank Lampard and supporters tempted to take a trip across the pond to watch them play.

Planet Earth just can’t get enough of the English Premier League

The world’s insatiable appetite for all things Premier League shows no sign of abating. 212 territories now devour content produced by IMG in west London as part of a massive multi-million pound contract for overseas rights. I have had a real insight into the global reach of England’s top flight by presenting some of the programmes this season.